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Is it Time for a Brand Refresh?
For years, you've built brand equity through consistent design and strategic marketing. The result? Audiences understand the unique value your company provides. So why consider a brand refresh?

1) Your company has changed. Companies evolve over time—they grow, add technology, products and/or services, reach out to new audiences, and even possibly revisit their business philosophy and mission. A brand refresh is critical to communicate these changes, to provide a wider umbrella over the different aspects of your business, and to reach out with intention to new target audiences.

2) Your old brand feels dated.
Much like fashion, graphic aesthetics are prone to fads. The result? Yesterday's logo, which seemed so high-tech with its gradients and drop shadows, can begin to feel as dated as neon shaker knit sweaters with stretch pants.

3) Your brand has become too familiar.
Sometimes a company's brand can become so well recognized that it may fail to register with audiences over the years. Or, it can become lost among imitators that dilute your brand image. A creative campaign accompanied by a brand refresh can serve as a splash of cool water to wake up audiences to rediscover your products and/or services and set you apart, once again, from your competitors.

So what's next? A successful brand refresh builds on your brand equity through subtle updates that register with consumers. It needn't be dramatic; often it can be achieved by simplifying the art, updating the font, or revisiting the colors. See some great examples logo refreshes of large corporations at the LogoDesignLove blog.

Is your company ready for a brand refresh? Give us a call—we'd love to chat with you about it!
Brand Yourself as an Expert
Brand Yourself as an Expert

Please join us at the September Women in Networking luncheon networking event, Brand Yourself as an Expert: Tips and Tricks to Show What You Know.

In this session, Katrina Hase, branding veteran and owner of Mix Creative, will reveal top tools and techniques you can implement this year to establish yourself (and your business) as an expert in your field. These same techniques have helped her clients' businesses to develop a following of loyal clientele who recognize them as experts.
Katrina was the recipient of WIN's first Destined to WIN award recognizing her for the intentional growth she has realized in her business which serves as an inspiration to all women in business.
Discover how to craft a content-rich website, create an editorial calendar for your business, and utilize multiple channels — including speaking, self-publishing on the web, PR, and social media—to deliver your brand message.
A list of resources will be provided to participants.

Join the conversation!
Twitter: mixcreative

Announcing our new website!
Over the years, we've given our clients some good advice regarding web design: "include a blog for a steady source of new content," "include links to your social media on each page," and "make it easy to sign up for your newsletter!"

Well, it's time we practice what we preach! Our new website, built and editable in the Wordpress environment, features a much expanded portfolio page, a newsletter archive, and of course, and integrated blog.

Village Acupuncture and Massage identity
Mix Creative recently designed a new logo and stationery for a Saint Paul acupuncture and massage clinic in the Highland Village neighborhood. The logo reflects the company's strong integration with the community and conveys the sense of balance achieved through their practice. 

Alfresco Casual Living

Mix Creative designed this email template for Alfresco Casual Living, a GORGEOUS home decor storefront right on Main Street in downtown Stillwater, Minnesota. Be sure to check out her new custom blog, the Casual Style Files, too!

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