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Heeding our own advice, we’re taking a moment to trumpet some capabilities we’ve added in the last year

» Even cooler websites
Our amazing clients inspire us to add new functions to our website designs with every project. This year we’ve become quite comfortable setting up database-driven websites that clients can easily update themselves. We’ve integrated custom-designed WordPress blogs, created secure log-ins and registrations, programmed an online shopping cart, added an e-newsletter sign-up box, linked social media sites to the website, created blog-fed rss updates to web pages, and much more. Talk to us about your custom web project!
» Social media marketing strategy
We love the potential of social media for getting the word out about a new company—it’s cheap, viral, and effective! We’ve helped to train our clients on which social media outlets to use, what type of content to provide, and how often to make updates. We’ve created custom icons to present a branded identity across social media outlets, and have customized the design of blog and Twitter pages. We’ve even ghost-tweeted for our clients so they can focus on running their business.

» Creating effective, easy-to-use e-newsletter campaigns
We’ve become somewhat of a specialist in providing marketing insight, design, and training for creating effective e-newsletter campaigns, even co-hosting several seminars and webinars on the topic! Our newest product is an e-newsletter with a custom design that has a bullet-proof online interface for adding content and images, adding contacts and reviewing campaign effectiveness.

» Package design
We took our design to the third dimension this year, creating the package design for a line of pet products, coasters, photo keepsakes, and a music CD. We look forward to more package design projects in the coming year…we love 3D!

Thank you to all of our clients who pushed us to new levels this year. We love mastering new skills that provide you with even more options to market your business.


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Minnesota Writers Hall of Fame website : A project of the Minnesota Book Awards, coordinated by the Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library, the site was established to recognize writers whose work distills the essence of the state; the people, the land and the spirit of Minnesota.

“The site manages to capture the historical aspect while still keeping it fresh and vital,” commented Alayne Hopkins, director of the Friends of the St. Paul Public Library. “We were quite pleased with the design. Katrina brought so much to the project and brought it alive.”
See it live:
Twin Cities Women's Choir Illuminations CD and package design: Design and layout of a CD, cover, and insert for a collection of songs from the Twin Cities Women's Choir.

Modern Inconveniences Tech Guide: a personal reference guide to common technology puzzles. Features three sections, including Tech Cards, Notes, and a Resource Directory. For more information about the Tech Guide, visit: www.modernincon.com
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