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What consumers' One Thing means to your business

Recently I read an intriguing article in the Minneapolis/St Paul Star Tribune about the One Thing readers wouldn't give up in this tough economy--i.e. guilty pleasures they simply can't live without. Among the items listed:

• Silk thread for needle work
• $4-$10/each handmade soaps
• $10 bouquet of fresh flowers
• $10-$12/4 pack of Surly beer
• Specialty hobby books and hobby supplies
• Bombay Sapphire martini
• Gucci handbags
• $300 jeans
• Nail salon service
• Blockbuster subscription
• Organic groceries
• Other specialty grocery items (dark chocolate, hot chocolate, real maple syrup)
My impression of the list? When consumers are emotionally invested in a product or service, they will continue to purchase it. What's that mean from a marketing standpoint? Some ideas:

1. Small companies: now is the time to connect with your core customer base. Take an extra moment to let your core customers know that they are important to you, too. Consumers like to know that the money they spend is doing a dual purpose: they're getting the good or service they desire and they're supporting a company they believe in. Take a moment to talk with regular customers,  extend a special offer, or simply send a thank-you note for their loyalty.

2. Promote your product or service as a guilty pleasure. Take advantage of the fact that consumers are selectively spending money on products they value. While competitors slash prices, you can stand out in the crowd by calling out your product's exceptional quality and value.  


3. Help consumers to see your product or service as essential to a lifestyle. How does your product fit into the consumer's identity? A lot of readers that responded to the Star Tribune poll mentioned items associated with hobbies. Hobbies certainly provide pleasure for consumers, but they are also a key aspect of the consumer's identity--people define themselves by the activities they do, and cultivate the image that goes with it. Let consumers know that your product or service is the One Thing that communicates their lifestyle, more than anything else.


It occurs to me that these are tried and true marketing strategies in any economy. However, those businesses who can capitalize on consumer's emotional spending now are likely to fare best until the economy turns around. Now, pardon me while I go purchase some gourmet coffee pods, sushi, and an Us Magazine.



Drymate. Manufacturer of Drymate products with anti-flow absorbency for home and garden, outdoors & sporting goods, pet supplies and automotive markets. 


Modern Inconveniences. Teaching clients today's technology through individual training, classes, support, networking lunches, and specialized products.


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WHEW! What a month! 
Astute readers of the mixer have probably noticed that this month's issue combines March and April. As it happens, we've been having entirely too much fun helping our clients' marketing collateral and ad campaigns SHINE. Here are some examples:


ONE Action Kit: a coupon book distributed as part of the Organic and Natural Experience (TM). Client: Music Matters.



Bookmark: part of a suite of products we designed for placement in pocket folders that were handed out at Gretchen's speaking engagement. Client: Gretchen Shoup Consulting.



Connection Concierge Website: this fun and highly interactive website for a company that connects people to possibilities launched in the beginning of March. Client: Connection Concierge.



Looking back, we're astonished at the volume of work we've completed in the last two months. Here's more:
We launched two websites and designed two others

We created four new logos/identities

We developed marketing collateral for two new clients

We designed and produced a coupon book of organic products

We created and placed over 20 print ads for magazine and newspaper

Thank you to our clients! We love being a part of your success.

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